Sunday, August 1, 2010

This time I'm going to make it!

Charlie Brown, cartoon character turned American icon, tried to kick a football held by evil little Lucy. Every time he tried, she yanked it away at the last second.
   I feel like Charlie Brown every Sunday when it's time for Meet the Press. I saw the teaser this morning, and it sounds like I can watch the whole show without mooning the television. That's right, baby, I'm going for it! This time, I'm going to make it.
   Having said that, I will admit I like to hedge my bets. I have 9 minutes before the show starts. That's enough time for me to get out the duct tape and make a pair of suspenders. I'm also going to put oven mitts on each hand...which will make it difficult to unbutton and unzip my trousers.
  *I reserve the right to unleash my usual string of cusses when the talking heads cheese me off, but I promise not to leave any cheek prints on the screen.

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David J. Steele said...

I did it! ...Now I have a different problem. I want to take a shower, and I can't get out of my pants.