Saturday, July 31, 2010

From Sexton Sand, Chapter 56

The museum is being robbed, but it's fighting back...

  Clio smiled. "Need I remind you that we are Protectors of Sexton, and you ask whether our choice at the moment is to face armed men, or wailing women?"
   "Say no more," Octus growled, drawing his sword. He turned to face the Hall of Heroes. "You really didn't give us any choice at all."
   "Better a room full of deadly, armed heroes than one of wailing women?" Plantek asked.
    Octus looked at him and shrugged. "That's what my proud, dead pappy taught me."
   Clio looked at Plantek and explained: "I met his father. The man outlived three wives, and would've known."
    "What killed him?"
   "The fourth wife," Octus answered. He walked to the door and threw it open. 

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