Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm more than a little... Ah, shoot, never thought I'd see the day!

When I checked email a few minutes ago, I saw that my author page on is ready. It doesn't show up in their search engine yet, but here's a link for a sneak peek:

Dave Steele's author page

   When I looked at the page, I got I probably should have. I ran downstairs and into our bedroom, waking my wife with a shout of: "You have to see this!"
    Without opening her eyes, she said, "I've seen it before...but okay!"
    "Er..." I shook my head. "On the computer. I have an author page!"

I may be kidding with the dialog... Perhaps. In any case, I was excited to see "author" collide with my name and my work on a commercial site. I've been writing for years. For most of my life, in fact. But putting my stuff up and out where anyone can read's new to me. I have a feeling it will always be new to me.

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Jeffrey Miller said...

Congrats on the author page. I'm proud of you my friend.