Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Product description? Wrong!

I was excited when I finally decided to publish Sexton on Amazon as a Kindle book. Still am.

But...thanks to a beating by none other than the sweat stained Ralph the Muse, I realized last night I have an error to fix. Amazon gives the opportunity to write what they call a "product description."  That's what I did, and I wanted to keep it brief. Here's what it says as of this moment: "Three Americans in a world of sword and sorcery make their own laws as smugglers and secret agents of the crown of the country that dared pronounce them outlaws."

It's a product description. I think I would have done it differently if I realized this: PRODUCT DESCRIPTION = The Back of The Book, or The Description Inside the Front Cover!

Have you ever read a one-sentence description of a book that made you want to buy the book? I haven't. Lesson learned. I'm re-writing the "product description". I'll do it right now.

It won't go up right away. Changes to product description take 48-72 hours for Amazon to process, but that's okay. Sexton is going to be around for a while, and so am I.


David J. Steele said...

The new product description will look more like this:
Tom went first.
When they found a hole in the world, swirling at the edges with oily light, Tom dove. His two best friends hesitated, not for long, but long enough, before they followed.
They had no idea that as a protector of Sexton, To'ms first mission wouild be to find them...and kill them...

Jeffrey Miller said...

I know what you mean.

Writing a product description or blurb for a book is quite challenging; just as writing a query can be to attract the interest of an agent or publisher.

It is also like a movie trailer--how to interest an audience in an upcoming movie without giving too much of the story away.