Sunday, July 25, 2010


Tweetifyingadj. causing apprehension when one approaches Tweets before knowing what the hell he/she is doing.

I'm new to the Tweet thing, and I haven't decided whether I'll play with it for very long or not.

A tweet has to be shorter than 140 characters.

I write novels. I have and make involuntary body noises that are longer than 140 characters. So do the characters in my novels. Andy, for example, won't give someone the raspberries. He'll say: "Ppppppbbbbbbblllltttt!" and send a little spray in the general direction of the person or thing that inspires such a sound.

It's an interesting exercise. I think I'll have some fun with it. I find it takes me longer to come up with a humorous (I hope) 140-character Tweet than it does to write a blog update.

I'm not an intellectual. I got accused of it once, but after a few whaps upside the head with the blunt end of a broom, the guy recanted. Still...I like to stretch my writing abilities. Length isn't a problem for me. I'll give brevity a shot...

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