Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Wrong Way to Size a Watch Bracelet

   I started with damn and worked my way up to sonofabi**. I think sonofabi** is quite handy. Especially when I start something I'm not sure I can do.
    I bought a watch, and Amazon sent me the one on the metal bracelet instead of the leather strap I wanted.
    I decided to re-size the bracelet by myself. Watched a YouTube video on how to do it. I have the tools.
    Bent the first tool I tried to use because I missed the hole. Damn.
    Then I watched a different video and used a different tool. Struggled from damn to sonofabi** in a hurry.
    Wasn't sure I was going to like the steel bracelet, but was determined to re-size the sonofabi** and put it on the damn watch anyway.
    I did. Poked myself three times and drew blood--three times in exactly the same spot. My cries of sonofabi** grew quite rapid and loud.
    Reassembled the damn bracelet and put it on the damn watch after removing one more link than I should have. Sonofabi** rang through the air in the room.
    Put a link back in. Stabbed my sonofabi** finger in the same damn spot three more times. Did the "sonofabi**" in sign language because I was already waving my damn finger around.
    Re-re-assembled the watch. Didn't like the result. It didn't quite fit.
    So I removed one of the micro-adjust pins. It flew in the air, bounced off my damn head, and now I can't find the sonofabi**.
    Then I took the damn bracelet off the damn watch and put the parts of the sonofabi** bracelet in a damn drawer...
    ...and put the silicone strap I took off the watch in the first place back on the watch.
Learned a lot, namely...leave well enough alone.