Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bad Customer Service Before They Even Said "Hello".

I went to a local Chinese restaurant to get some take-out for my wife and I to enjoy for lunch. I've never been to the place before, and I doubt I'll go back.

They managed to offend me before they even said hello.

I had only a moment when I walked in before a friendly person greeted me warmly, but it was enough. I had time to read the signs on the wall behind the register. All five of them.

"No Returns!"
"What You Order is What You GET!!!!"
"No refunds!!!!"

"No Personal Checks!!!!"
"We Have The Right To Refuse Service FOR ANY REASON!" 
"No Phone Calls When You Approach the Counter!"

In short, these folks managed to say "No" to me six times before they even looked at me.

I ordered the food I went there to order, and paid a fair price for it. The clerk was friendly, the food was ready quickly, and it tasted good.

Very good.

I won't be back. They forgot something about guests, customers, whatever they want to call us.

They forget that without us, they don't exist.