Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Coming back always seems shorter

Have you noticed the phenomenon? It's artificial, of course, but coming home seems to go faster than heading out to a new place. I think it's because things become more and more familiar and, well, homey...when you get close to home.
   It's been a great vacation, even the parts I dreaded before we left. Now it's time to go home, and I'm ready. So is my wife. We've eaten, and walked, and driven, and seen, and done, and shared. All good stuff. Still, I'm looking forward to climbing the steps at home, chucking the bags in the dining room, and watching the cats ignore us for a while until they forgive us for leaving them alone for 10 days.
  Unlike this place, we have tile in the shower...not marble. No one is going to make the bed in the morning unless it's one of us. If I want a newspaper, I'm going to have to buy one. And that's okay with me.
   It's time to go home...and bake some bread.

Next time you hear from me, I'll be there.

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