Sunday, August 8, 2010

A great dinner, a better view

I've been a lot of places, and had some great meals, and tonight will be an unforgettable example of both.
  We started our day with a plan (normally a nice, but useless gesture when traveling, especially with me.) We planned to take the light rail (a little electric train that runs up and down Tacoma) at 7:00 AM to the train station and hop a train to Seattle.
   There were two flaws to our plan: 1) we forgot to see what time the light rail starts on Saturday, and 2) we forgot to see if the train to Seattle runs on Saturday. The answers to questions one and two are, in order: 1) 8:00 AM, and 2) No. It made sense once I read the signs and thought about it. Both are commuter trains. They cater to during the business week type stuff. So...we decided to visit Seattle on Monday.
  We drove up to Defiance Point. I still don't know what it defies or why, and don't really care. They have zoo/aquarium there. I balked a little at the $12 admission cost, thinking I would pull one of my pattended express visits. I was wrong, and admit it cheerfully. It was well worth the price. The exhibits were excellent and we got to see the animals up close...
   In one particular case...a little too close.
   Have you ever seen a walrus? A real one? I hadn't. Until this morning, and then all too close. The one I'm talking about weighs a little over 3,000 pounds. A friendly looking fellow, he was, lying on a rock minding his own business. Then we went down a cave like thingamajig...and got a peek underwater at the habitat of the walrus. The windows were fogged, and a couple of kids and their parents were trying to peer through. I pulled a tissue out of my pocket and wiped off the fog.
  As I was wiping off the fog, my buddy the big-ass walrus came drifting down. He was a dark, lumbering submarine of a thing and made a beeline toward me and the glass. I swear he was grinning when he lifted up at the last second and...and... (Here it comes, and I hope you're more prepared for it than I was)...and...
   I'm not sure what it's called when a walrus shows his dark privates in a smear on an upward tilt three inches in front of a grown man...but I think I named it something that sounded like a cry of "SWEET JESUSLORDALMIGHTY-WHAT-THE-HELL-IS-THAT!"...or something akin to that.
  As you might guess...I didn't spend much more time in that particular exhibit...


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