Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday night entertainment you don't want...

We live in a 120-year-old house with a lot of trees in the yard. A lot of trees, old trees, with reaching roots that probe for water.  They probed for water...and found it in the pipe that leads from our house to the sewer.
  My mother is coming to visit tomorrow...and today we had water backup into the basement. We'll get the Roto-rooter guy out on Monday, but today it was all on me...
and all over me.
  It happened before, and I couldn't think of another solution. So when I was doing dishes (no dishwasher but me in this house), I had to go downstairs and allow the water to fill buckets from the pipe in the basement. You know which pipe, right? ...The one you're never supposed to open.
  Sometimes I'm dumber than a bucket of corn. We used to have a shop vac, and I could've sucked the water out of the outside pipe with it. But the shop vac blew up last spring and we haven't replaced it. So I had the bright idea of using the carpet cleaner to suck the water out. I wasn't dumb enough to keep trying it when the poor carpet cleaner got hot. Not me! I went downstairs with 3 one-gallon buckets, thanked the lord for my inability to smell, and opened the pipe a little at a time.
  Now we have a bog in the backyard. Take a shower...go down and empty the pipe. Do some dishes...empty the pipe. Take a...don't make me say it...and empty the pipe.
  I don't let stuff like that make me mad. I just deal with it and will let my new best friend, Mr. Roto O'Rooter take a crack at it on Monday morning (their rates are significantly cheaper when it's not the weekend), and go back to merrily flushing.
   In the interim, I think as long as it's dark, I'll spare myself and the buckets a little effort.
   ...City limits and etiquette be damned... I'm peeing outside!

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