Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sexton Spice...almost there!

After a pile o' work: minor word changes, corrections, additions, deletions--with pen and paper, and later keyboard and computer--then more work formatting and uploading, Sexton Spice (Sexton Chronicles, Vol. 2) is now in the virtual hands of
  In 48-72 hours, give or take, it will be for sale as a Kindle book. I'll put a direct link on this blog for those who wish to purchase it (and buy a smile from dear old Dave in the process.)
  I spent too long today trying to publish Sexton for Scribd. Evidently, selling things on Scribd is in Beta. I could use the revenue, but have a few problems already with Scribd. For one, they pay 50% to the publisher/writer (that's good), but they only pay when they have a hundred bucks or more to send, and only quarterly. I don't know what kind of traffic has, but it's mostly free stuff and not in the business of marketing or selling anything, so my faith in their ability to move my books is dim at best.
  I'm watching Barnes & Noble and their NOOK with keen interest. They're planning to devote a lot of resources to the NOOK (their e-reader) in the near future, but they're not there yet.
  Like a lot of other parts of life, I'm choosing to control that which I can control: my writing, and my editing.

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