Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sexton = Digital Pulp Fantasy

A ride. A fun ride to someplace a little familiar, to which you've never been. A ride with some good friends, some laughs, some danger, and some magic.
  That's what I want for you when you read Sexton Chronicles. That's what I try to deliver when I sit at the keyboard and stuff starts appearing on the screen.
  Some want to write great literature that makes a statement about the human condition, and I applaud that. I don't want to do it, but I applaud it. When I first started writing for fun (I think I was about 8 years old at the time), all I wanted to do was tell a good story. That's what I still want. I'm better at it now than I was then, but the goal is the same.
  I admire the guys who wrote the dime novels, the pulp fiction, in decades past. Now there's another opportunity to write books, sell them for not a lot of money, write 'em by the seat of the pants, and kick them out for people to enjoy. There's no pulp, so far, in the Sexton books--at least not the kind of pulp that cost a tree its life. pulp. Buy 'em for three bucks, read 'em as fast as you want, and get ready for the next one.
  I promise you I'll do my best to make it a fun ride for you. I'll try to keep you hooked from beginning to end...with a caveat. The caveat is that I don't intend to end the adventure until I can't write anymore. I also promise I'll bang out the Sexton novels as fast as I can and still write them so they're enjoyable.
  Some of the old pulp fiction writers had a formula. After reading one or two of their dime novels, it became obvious they were following some sort of internal template.
  I don't have a formula. I don't do formulas. My books will have a beginning, a bit of a middle, and a stopping point between volumes--but not an ending. Maybe it's fighting dirty, and maybe it isn't, but I tell you unabashedly...I want to write books you don't want to put down. I make no apology for stopping a short chapter in the middle of the action. Cuss at the digital page if you must, but go ahead and start the next chapter. It's a short chapter!
   Just read another chapter...and then...uh-oh! another chapter. It's only a couple of pages. have time for one more chapter...
Yeah, that's it. Just keep reading.

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