Monday, August 16, 2010

Fan mail. Made my day!

I got an email this evening from a reader of Sexton. I won't quote it here because it's personal between myself and the reader. It email from an individual who not only read my book, but looks forward to the next one.
  It truly made my day, and it was already a good day. The praise was nice, but I think the real thrill was the sense he conveyed of excitement about something I wrote. ...That somehow, through the magic of twenty-six letters of the alphabet combined into words managed to put pictures in this reader's head, make the reader care about the characters, and gave him an adventure.
  I replied to the young reader, but I forgot to tell him something. Hopefully his Mom will see this and pass the word to him. The message is: I'm going to put his message to me in a frame, and put it on the wall right next to the cover of my little ebook. First book, first piece of fan mail. Seems fitting somehow, and it feels great!
  I promised him Sexton Spice (Sexton Chronicles Book 2) soon. I'd better get busy.

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