Monday, September 6, 2010

This is what it feels like to sell a book? I love it!

Somebody made my day today, which is no mean feat because I almost always have good days.
  I'll confess I look at my sales reports (Kindle, and Lulu so far) on an almost obsessive basis.  I own stock and mutual funds and have never watched them this closely.
  As an optimist, I'll tell you I'm looking for good news and don't bat an eye at days when nothing sold. I just don't. It's not a morality thing, or a forced positive attitude... I just get a rush out of good news and figure no news or bad news is fleeting.
  This afternoon I looked at my Lulu sales report and saw that, at that point in time, no one had purchased Sexton, or Sexton Spice. But...when I looked again later, someone had! I think I know who, but I can't be sure. I only get numbers. The purchaser will get a thank-you email from me, but it's an auto-send thing.
  I know it wasn't my wife, my mother, or my father. But I can tell you this: I feels great. It's a warm feeling, knowing that I gave my best shot at writing an entertaining, hopefully seat-of-the-pants fantasy novel. Lulu will print and mail a copy just for them...and after that, it's up to the reader.
  I say this with both humility and hope: I really want them to enjoy reading it!
  I say this as a writer who wants his books, his series, to grow wings and fly: PLEASE, EVERYBODY, BUY...THE...BOOKS!
  I'm going to hit the hay now. ...All that dancing I did to the music playing in my head done tuckered me out!


Jeffrey Miller said...

Congratulations on your first book sale.

It's got to be a great thrill knowing that someone has bought something you have written and that you are going to be speaking to them privately in the story you are going to tell them.

That's one down...and let's say a million or so more, right?

David J. Steele said...

It's a thrill of satisfaction as opposed to a grab a random body part and jump for joy. I think it's a lasting satisfaction that comes with just a hint of worry that I might let them down somehow. The hint of worry fades quickly with a soucant of cocky little bastard. Fortunately, I still have a lot of cocky little bastard in me...

Oh, and 4 more copies have sold since this morning. So that's 5 down, and millions (I like to think big) more to go!