Thursday, September 9, 2010

Library...soon, a book signing event

The public library in Vassar is the best small town library I've ever seen, and I've visited several. In my years as a professional in the Boy Scouts, I made a point of visiting libraries in towns I served.

   I just got back from a conversation with our librarian. The other day I dropped off  a copy of the cover of my first book (commercial: Sexton, by David J. Steele, available at along with the ISBN for Sexton, and Sexton Spice.

   He was pleased to hear I'm going to donate copies of the hardcover editions, but what he really wants is for me to do a book signing there. We agreed to hold off until late October, and that it's best I have some inventory on hand. I explained that it would take more sales before I have enough money to front inventory, but I think we can work something out about that. He seemed to think he can get my books cheaper than I can because he's ordering for a library. He's right about that, by the way.

  I'm excited about that.

  The other thing I feel good about is that he offered to call his contact at the Saginaw News, the feature editor, and tell her about my book. He offered to help generate as much publicity as possible, and I'm excited about that as well. Two years ago another local author (who wrote a history of Vassar) did a book signing event there. I was going to attend...and couldn't find anyplace to park. People were lined up out the door! If my books can generate half of that, I'll do a jig all the way home--which in my case, fortunately, is less than a hundred yards.


Jeffrey Miller said...

That's great news, Dave! You're doing everything you can do to market your book as well as getting the word out. Start local and then expand. I would send a complimentary copy to Melick Library, too (if you haven't done so already).

Newspapers and book signing events are crucial for marketing.

I am so excited for you my friend.

(I added your blog's RSS to my computer so I can easily follow all your latest posts! Cool, huh?)

David J. Steele said...

Thanks, Jeffrey. The piece I was waiting for is in place: having a physical copy of Sexton. The book signing will wait until I have the money to buy copies to sell.
In the interim, I'm printing some business cards with information regarding the series, and the address of my author page on Lulu. I'm also putting together press kits. Fortunately, the time I spent marketing in my previous career will come in handy. I see this very much as a campaign: the pieces are important, but of equal importance is the timing of each piece.