Saturday, September 18, 2010

The box arrived, and I need to make...

...a couple of changes. There was a problem with the page numbering, and I like having headers on the know, with the author's name on one page and the title of the book on the opposite page. A revision is in order.
Lulu is very kind about revisions, by the way. As long as I make changes before the book is distributed to Amazon and the bookstore/library catalogs (6-8 weeks after publication on Lulu), all I have to do is order another proof copy and the changes won't cost me anything.
It looks like I'll have an extra copy of Sexton Spice in trade paperback and in hardcover to give away as Christmas presents.


Jeffrey Miller said...

Then again, maybe this will be one of those rare editions that will be worth some bucks in the future.

Hang onto them!

David J. Steele said...

It would be really cool if this version was to become an actual collectors item. By "actual collectors item", I mean an item that increases in value because people actually want it...and not as in another-thing-Dave-stuck-on-the-shelf-and-forgot-to-toss.

I suppose it'll depend on who you ask: me, or the missus.