Saturday, September 25, 2010

Glad I looked...and found I was right

I need to do press releases to the local media about my books. People won't buy what they don't know about.

I haven't done the press releases yet, even though I know they'll drive sales. The local media in these parts are very friendly and are looking for stories like: Local Dude Wrote A BOOK! I'm a local dude, and I've written three books.

I've been holding off on the press releases not because I don't know how to write them or what to include, but because few people have heard of Lulu, and might not be as willing to shop online from a source they don't know as they might be to shop from a site they're familiar with.

I did a little digging on the Lulu website and checked out their marketing guides. They want authors to purchase their marketing services, and I'm not going to do that. I know how to write press releases and follow up with phone calls to writers and editors.

I'm happy to report that the one free bit of advice lulu offers is the one I already knew. My thought was to wait until Amazon picks up the listing of at least Sexton, and maybe Sexton Spice before I launch my personal media blitz.

Lulu's marketing advice: "Wait for your books to be listed with Amazon or Barnes & Noble before purchasing a media kit."

That's my plan.


Jeffrey Miller said...

That's what I would do. Send off some review copies with a description of the book once you get that media kit; some background information.

I would also do a radio interview; might be cool for people hearing you read a couple passages.

David J. Steele said...

For the Vassar Pioneer Times (the weekly paper in this town of 5,000 or so), I'll pay them a personal visit with a write-up, and loan them my copies of the books. The irony of typing FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE on a press release to a weekly paper wouldn't be lost on the editor...who, I think, is the only employee.
For the larger paper in the area, I'll send a formal press release, a couple of sample chapters, and the link to the previews on lulu.
I didn't think of trying to do a radio interview. I'll give that one some thought.