Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm reading a not-so-good book, and it's my fault

The not-so-good book I'm reading is called Return to Sexton and at the moment there is only 1 copy in the world. It's my first novel, and it's not going to be published. It's a noisy book with a tangled, hard to follow plot...some cartoonish characterization, and a bit of purple prose. I'm glad I wrote it. It was the genesis for what twenty years later became pretty good stuff.

I took advantage of the "private access' feature Lulu offers, which means I can have a book printed and opt for it to be available only to me. It was a fun thing to do, and not very expensive. I got my own personal hardcover copy of it, with dust jacket, for under thirty bucks.

You can't buy it. But you can (and I would love it if you would) buy the first three books in the series...which I now whisper, are available at

In any case, it's late now. I'm going to take a seat in my old brown wing chair and read a bit of it before I retire for the night.

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