Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Sexton Chronicles--Books 1-4

The series, Sexton Chronicles is a series of five books, fantasy, about three Americans in a world of swords and sorcery. Here's what each one is about:

Sexton (The first book in the series):
Three guys camping in the woods their senior year of high school dream of their futures after graduation. They find something unusual...a hole, a tear in the reality they know. One dives through and the other two follow him. The move changes the course of their lives. Displaced, separated from each other, they take different paths. Two become criminals, and the first is trained in law enforcement. Only one Protector of Sexton can find and execute the offworld criminals.
   ...But will he?

Sexton Spice (Book 2)

When Tom, John, and Andy learn that simple herbs and spices are illegal in Sexton, they decide the people deserve food that tastes good. They "invent" fried chicken, and start smuggling herbs. They're already under a death sentence, so why not?
   Their actions bring Sexton and Crescens one step closer to war.

Storm Clouds Over Sexton (Book 3)

Two assassination attempts, one successful. The three Americans and their smuggler friends are caught in events that could lead to war...a war provoked by powers beyond their comprehension.

Sexton Sand (Book 4)

The war with Crescens is not going well. Andy is a prisoner in Crescens, and the power of the druids grows stronger by the day.

Book 5, Sexton Retribution is on the way...

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