Sunday, May 6, 2012

How Do You Write A Book -- Steele's Way Is...

One chapter at a time, ladies and gents. I write one chapter at a time. One leads to another, and eventually the plot comes into being. I've talked about this before.
   I'll admit, Sexton Retribution, the fifth book in the series, which will be the final book in this series (another, different series is next) is coming slowly.
   Here's a glimpse of what I have so far of Chapter Fifteen.
   John and Andy know Tom is planning to go back to Crescens to kill the Archdruid. They're sure it's a bad idea, and seek Benecala. They want the old wizard to stop Tom before Tom gets himself killed.

Chapter Fifteen
   The air felt thick, and seemed to get thicker the closer they got to the door. Andy wasn't sure what kind of magic Benecala was working on the other side, but he knew he didn't like the way it felt. There was an almost amber hue to the air, amber like the sky before a severe storm. "Do you feel that?" he asked John.
   "Feel what?"
   Andy thought it was odd that John was three feet behind him. The corridor was ten feet wide--plenty wide enough for the two of them to walk side-by-side. "Why are you so far behind me?"
   "It's because you're scared!"
   "Of what?" he sounded a little hurt. "A closed door?"
   "Nope. ...Of the wizard behind the closed door." He stopped and turned to look at John. "Knock."
   "Like hell. You knock."
   "Don't wanna. You knock, ya big baby."
   "There you go again."
   "There I go again, what?"
   "There you go again, sir." John grinned.
   "Open the door and come in!" Benecala's voice boomed through the wood.
   John leaned forward and whispered in Andy's ear, "You first."
   "Oh no, no, no!" Andy returned in the same whisper. "after you."
   "I insist."
   "I insist too."
   The door flew open. Both Andy and John jumped. Andy saw magic floating like a fog above the floor. It was yellow, dim, ugly, and thick.
   "Come in here now," Benecala's growl drifted over the fog. "Simultaneously."
  Like two boys afraid of the Principal's office, but more afraid of what would happen if they didn't go in, John and Andy stepped through the door. John felt his knuckles accidentally brush against Andy's hand. They both flinched. Andy slugged him on the arm.
   The room was dim; lit by a couple of candles flickering on sconces on the back wall. Benecala was hunched over a table, staring into a bowl of water. It reminded Andy too much of the bad witch in the Wizard of Oz. He decided he would run like hell if the old fart cackled, drew a breath to cackle, or even coughed.
   Benecala looked up. he smiled, and the smile turned up a notch when he saw it made the two Americans uncomfortable. "Now that you have interrupted me, perhaps you will do me the service of telling me why you interrupted me."
   "The door was open," John said in a deadpan tone that made Andy want to giggle.
   "I am not amused."
   "Oh, but we are!" Andy grinned. He felt it melt off his face when Benecala only looked at him.
   The candles flared and hissed. The two Americans jumped. Andy looked at his feet to see if he made a puddle. Damn, that man is scary when he wants to be.

...I'll finish the chapter tomorrow.

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