Thursday, September 8, 2011

What's the story--Sexton Chronicles? What's it about?

The Sexton Chronicles is a series of fantasy novels about Tom, John, and Andy, three American teenagers who find a gateway between worlds. They have to make their way in a world they don't understand, and do surprisingly well.

 In the first book in the series, they are separated. John and Andy make friends with a man they knew of but who vanished in Mexico in the early nineteen hundreds, a man by the name of Ambrose Bierce. Tom is trained in law enforcement, in a police force that kills criminals without the benefit of a trial.

Once re-united, the three young men discover a lucrative trade--buying forbidden herbs and spices from a country to the south of Sexton, and importing them for sale in the doughnut and fried chicken restaurant they open. Simultaneously, there is an evil power in Sexton re-awakening after long centuries of dormancy. The three Americans are once again caught in events beyond their control.

By the time the third book in the series begins, they feel responsible for the brewing war with the country to their south. Things are not going well for them.

In the fourth and recently released book, Sexton Sand, the Americans are on a mission to end the war and free their friend--a man from the enemy country, who also happens to be its king--from a demon possessing him, and stop the war they feel they started while they're at it.

I have begun the fifth and final book in the Sexton Chronicles series. It's called Sexton Retribution. The title will give you a clue.

The books are available in paperback and hardcover from or from amazon as a kindle books, or Barnes and Noble as Nook books.

Sexton Chronicles. School has started--don't you think you deserve a little adventure yourself?

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