Friday, February 4, 2011

Sexton--excerpt from book 1

Three American teens lost in a world of swords and sorcery. Join the story as Tom Benton--first to go through the hole in the universe--lands in Sexton...

Tom closed his eyes when he dove through the hole. Nausea and black vertigo drove through his gut like a spike. He landed hard, skidded over wet pavement, and crashed into the branch that preceded his dive. He and the branch slid over a rough, wet surface and crashed into a wall. He thrashed against smaller branches and grappling twigs, and choked back a shout as he struggled to get up or at least free of the damn thing. Warm wet hunks of canned stew hit the pavement when he opened his eyes on his hands and knees. His back spasmed with uncontrolled vomiting and long seconds passed as drool fell from his lips and he fought to control his gut, his pulse, and his fear. He shoved the limb out of the way, pushed one leg up and stood.

Where's the hole? He was shaking. Wet, cold, scared, and shaking. The hole. It had to be here somewhere. Somewhere close. John and Andy would be in the rain on the other side, looking through at him. He turned in a circle and looked every direction. There was no hole--no John and Andy standing in the rain. No rain either for that matter. He was alone on a cobblestone street, just him and the branch he and Andy threw into the hole a minute ago. Think, Benton. Stop and think. He didn't know he was whispering, and wouldn't have cared if he did.

The branch was lying against a dark brick wall on a building of rough-cut stones with a tile roof. There were a few square windows cut in the walls, but none were lit. The street was narrow, not built for cars, and paved in every direction with stones. He looked at his watch. It was four-thirty, forty-five minutes after he woke to the lights in the sky and throbbing ground. He listened but heard nothing--no wildlife, no cars or trucks, no TVs in the background. Nothing but his heart thudding in his chest and his ragged breath...

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