Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Take it from the top! (A writing exercise)

I've mentioned before that I don't outline my books. I write without a net, enjoying the process for the process and the journey for the journey.

Sometimes that's not the best way. Don't get me wrong--I'm going to keep working that way because it works for me.

There's one downfall. If I stop writing for any length of time, there's a chance I'll forget where I was going. I did that with Sexton Sand.

Fortunately, I'm a fast typist. I can bang out 120 words per minute or more. Usually more. So...when I found myself wondering what happens in Chapter Sixty-seven and coming up with no answer, I started by printing the manuscript. 96,000 words.

Started typing. I can't just read the thing to get caught up with it again. If I start reading a pen appears in my hand as if by magic and I'm editing. For now the goal is to get back into the flow, the feel, the touch of the manuscript. Forward progress will resume in about a week.

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Nancy Ferriell said...

Hi My Darling. I just finished SEXTON SPICE. What a nice ending. Really leaves some great segways into book 3. I am about 3% into #3 and as always, I Love, Love, Love your writing. You surprised me a few times in that 3% with turns and twists I never would have even thought of. Sorry to cut this note short but, I have this great book I just started and it is pulling me off my computer. Love Ya. Mom