Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sometimes it's hard not to run from the room howling in laughter

...but it's usually for the best.
   I was delivering packets to banks in Flint, MI today. I work at a large restaurant and have been trying to drum up business in catering events and private parties, that sort of thing. Today I went to an older part of the city of Flint, MI. If you know Flint, you might know that it has a high crime rate. I don't say that with any intended disrespect to Flint, but it is true.
    Today I delivered a packet of information to a bank in Flint. I don't think it was a bad part of town. In fact, there are several banks in the area, a high rise apartment building, brick streets, and a university bookstore. I like seeing the variety of people. I was the only one wearing a German coat with embroidery, burgundy necktie and black pants when it was 80 degrees in the shade. I wasn't one of several men walking around with their shirts undone and in one notable case, his pants undone...but I didn't exactly blend in.
...Anyhow, the bank story.
   All I wanted to do was drop off a packet of information to one of those multi-story, big banks. The kind with bronze plaques of historical significance on the outside wall next to the door.
   Most of the larger banks I visit have a receptionist desk in the lobby. This one didn't. It has a security desk in front of the door in the lobby. There was a woman behind the counter. She was about the size of two of me. I'm a little guy, but even so... It occurred to me that dropping anything off and walking quickly out of bank in today's climate might lead someone charged with the security of the facility to worry a bit.
   I handed her the packet and she raised a suspicious eyebrow. I said, "I'm from .............(naming the restaurant) and I'd like to leave this with you in case you have any catering needs or would like a private party."
    She made no reply. She looked at the packet as if it might contain radioactive sauer kraut, then eyeballed me in a sweaty, serpentine way.
   I was tempted, but resisted, to raise my hands in the air and turn and run from the bank shouting, "Lookout world! I have no idea what that thing's gonna do!"

You know...someday when I'm in an old folk's home sucking my steak dinner through a straw, I'll look back on this and wish I had run screaming from the bank. :-D

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