Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sexton Chronicles--the book you almost didn't get to see

I started the Sexton Chronicles in Clive Cussler's guest room a long time ago. It was a great few days, learning from Clive. The resulting manuscript languished for a score of years until I dusted it off a couple of years ago. It's not bad for a first novel. Seeds from the book eventually found their way into the "real" series, the one that starts with Sexton, then goes to Sexton Spice, then Storm Clouds Over Sexton, and (soon) Sexton Sand.
   The book is called Return to Sexton, and takes place a decade after Tom, John, and Andy are kicked out of Sexton. They're bored, they're getting older, and they want to go back to Sexton. The do...and it's the most violent of the Sexton Chronicles.
   Why am I telling you this? I decided to sell Return to Sexton for a limited time. It's available from lulu as a paperback or file download, but only until 6/30/2011.. Buy your copy now, while you still can.

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