Saturday, April 30, 2011

Writing a book is fun, and not easy when one has memory problems related to Korsakoffs Disease

To those of you who are waiting for Sexton Sand, I apologize. I'll have it out soon. This time I mean it! I have built myself a computer and it's pleased with me. By that I mean it hasn't crashed since I put in this new hard drive and updated my drivers.
   Now I find myself in a little bit of a difficult position. It's no secret that I have Korsakoffs Disease--which involves some painful neuropathy I manage with vitamin supplements, and some holes in the memory that plague me in small ways. I don't say that as a complaint. It's a fact, and usually no big deal. I manage it.
  Writing a novel is a long process. It's a long work, even if it's a short novel (and mine aren't short.) Remembering basic facts is important. I haven't run into it yet, but I've read and heard from other authors that readers will call them on errors in the story. I try to avoid errors in the story. For the reader, the book will be (lord, hear my prayer) one seamless piece...that starts at the beginning, middles in the middle, and ends at the end. In the case of Sexton Sand, it won't end...but will become the start of the 5th book in the series.
  I've been mostly away from writing Sexton Sand while building myself a computer, a task I can now say with a bit of pride is done.
    So... I have but one more little thing to do before I write the ending of this book, polish the draft, and publish it. Note: I'm not putting a date out there. I've been pissing myself off with missed self-imposed deadlines.
   I started retyping the manuscript again. I'll make a few minor changes, I suppose, but the main purpose of retying it is to come as close as possible to finishing the draft as a seamless work.
   I owe my readers that much. See the links at the bottom of this blog to order your copies of the first three in the series: Sexton, Sexton Sand, and, Storm Clouds Over Sexton.

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