Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Now I'm back in the chair, writing Sexton Sand

If you read books about writing (a bad habit I gave up quite a while ago), you're bound to come across chapters about how hard it is to produce because of the distractions of life. It's true, I suppose.
   Belay that. Distractions are an excuse. I know it, and so do most (I'd wager) of the people who claim they can't find time to write. Having said that, I'll say it's been too long since I last wrote new material. Ralph the Muse wasn't happy about that, and given some of the heat I've gotten from friends who are waiting for my next book, Ralph isn't the only one not happy.
  Well, I am happy to report that I'm now back in the chair. A fresh chapter of Sexton Sand is now finished. It came easily once I put my ass in the chair and set my fingers into motion.
   Sure, I've had a couple of sizable distractions like:
  • blowing up my antiquated computer
  • constructing a new computer from used parts
  • learning, after completely building a system...that my hard drive was a casualty of the light-smoke-odor show that was the demise of my vintage 1998 Compaq Presario
  • A little thing called "Income Tax Returns"
  • and, certainly not least, illegible handwriting...
But now friends, neighbors, fellow writers, and most importantly...readers, I'm pleased to say I'm ready to re-instate my discipline. I'm back to following Steele's Law which is:
1,500 words a day minimum new material per day 
No excuses. No vacation. No time off for bad behavior.

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