Saturday, March 5, 2011

My books honored 3 ways! (Author's pride)

The first honor: my college friend Phil Stiles purchased copies of Sexton, Sexton Spice, and Storm Clouds Over Sexton for the Melick Library at my alma mater, Eureka College.

The second honor was the letter I received today from Anthony R. Glass, the Director of the Melick Library. Here is an excerpt from the letter:

"Your work, volumes 1-3 of the Sexton Chronicles, now shares the same shelves as EC graduates as Benjamin Johnson Radford, Emory Ross, and of course, Ronald Reagan... I also wanted to let you know that these works are kept in our Archives and Special Collections...which in addition to continuing its role as college archives and special collections, will soon feature a nearly complete collection of the works by and about President Reagan."

The third, and in my opinion greatest honor, came from a good friend after I (with shameless pride) sent him a copy of the full letter from the college. He congratulated me for the honor of having my books placed with such good company, but really wants to know when I'm finally going go finish Sexton Sand!

Soon, John. I'll finish it soon.

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