Monday, March 7, 2011

I see the ending now. Sexton Sand Update

I'm starting to get pressure to finish Sexton Sand, and I like that. I pointed out to someone that as much as I would like to force the ending to appear, and thus rush my finish of the book...I can't. I mean I literally can not. I kid about Ralph the Muse, but there is no muse per se

I've mentioned before that I don't outline my books. One chapter leads to the next and if I write one that doesn't fit, I kill it. It's a gift--not for greatness (judgement of that is up to the reader), but because it's something I didn't ask for but that I treasure.

I am now very happy to report that I know how Sexton Sand is going to end. Don't worry--I'm not going to tell you. You'll have to read it yourself. I promise you it'll be a cliffhanger. Now I know who will do what to whom and writing it will go quickly.

My plan is to have it ready for you to order from Lulu by April 1st, and Kindle and Nook by April 9. The delay between print and ebook has to do with the nitty-gritty formatting differences I have to do by hand.

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Nancy Ferriell said...

I am pleased at your timing. I am 98% finished with Storm Clouds and, having a Kindle, I will get first crack at Sand. To all who believed in a Four book series, I can now say (of those who knew better) nee-ner-nee-ner-NEE-NER.