Friday, October 29, 2010

No more visits from France? C'mon! I like you guys!

I noticed I haven't had any visitors from France to this site since that post I placed in French. Interesting. Perhaps I should apologize for my use of the language...and I can assure you that any errors made were a combination of my errors and those of the computer translation program I used.

Reminds me of a story...

I spent 9 weeks in Peru when I was in college. One day, I ran into 4 Frenchmen on the Inca trail. We spoke French back and forth as we walked. It was an amicable conversation.

Eventually one of them looked at me and asked if I was French-Canadian. Apparently they couldn't quite place my accent. I thought I was speaking Parisean French, but evidence pointed to the contrary to their well-trained ears.

When I told them I was not only not French Canadian, I was in fact an American... They refused to speak French anymore. Not so much as a "wee". I knew why. They were willing to tolerate a Canadian accent, but couldn't stand the thought of an American butchering their language.

It would have been easy to speak only English to them. I didn't do that, of course. I was mildly offended. Instead...and feel free to grin... I continued to speak French (in a limited fashion)...but I did so with an American Southern accent.

Bone jooooure mon-eee-sewer...! I could see a rash start to form on their necks, and beads of irritated sweat pop out on their foreheads.

Je suis trez drole, n'est pas? Non? Well...sorry about that. Please. I love ya. Have a great day!


Jeffrey Miller said...

That's a funny story.

Wow, I had no idea about your French-Canadian background and that you spoke French. Well shucks, that explains on how well you could do the translation of the Green Goblin.

I've got enough Thai, Lao, and Korean under my belt to carry on a conversation, but not enough for any translation work.

On the other hand, if the need should arise for a pig latin version of my writing, no problem.

Ordered Sexton Spice the other day from Lulu. Still waiting for it to be shipped. They said, 5-17 days. For 80.00 though, I could have it sooner and be able to track the shipment.

David J. Steele said...

My French-Canadian background? Does getting lost and finding my way out from the wharfs of Montreal count? If so...then yes, I have a little bit of background. And my own teeth, not even in a jar on the counter. Actually, I stayed in the car.

Truth is, the little bit of French I know was useless in Montreal. They have a very different accent and not surprisingly, quite a few of their own words. When French-Canadian guests visit my place of employment, I don't volunteer to translate. I only understand enough of what they say to want to laugh out loud at what I think I hear. (Which probably has nothing to do with what they're actually saying!)

A computer web site did most of the translating for me. I was able to read it over and compare the results to my story in English.

Thanks for ordering Sexton Spice! As for fast tracking the order, my experience is that it's not worht the extra bucks for the tracking. The postal service does a very nice job of timely delivery.

Jeffrey Miller said...

And you know you can count on a review of Sexton Spice when it arrives!

I am also re-reading Sexton--the hardback edition.

Dave, as much as I enjoyed reading the e-book, having that hard copy in my hands and reading your words, well shucks, let me just say it. I am honored to be your friend. Damn, you tell a good story!

David J. Steele said...

Thanks for the compliment! I'm honored to be your friend as well.

I think you're right about the paper vs. electronic book thing. There's a big difference in the experience that goes beyond words.