Friday, June 10, 2011

Links to my books: paperback, hardcover, Kindle, and Nook

Been looking for good fun reading... A little something to make you smile and forget the cares of your day? Try mine. I stand behind them.

Here is a link to the best place to buy my books in all formats except Kindle:

If you have a Nook, they're available from Barnes and Noble. Below is a link to a search that reveals them all. For the record, I'm not the David J. Steele who wrote the book about clinical experiences, and I hope he'll forgive me for hoping you buy my books before you buy his...

Here's a link that'll take you to my Nook books:

And here's the link to my page at Amazon. If you'd like to buy my paperbacks, please buy them from Lulu. You'll pay the same price...but Lulu will give me more of the money, and pay me in a timely manner. Amazon's author payment track record bites the proverbial weenie.

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